*Effi Brandenburg will lead us through the art of sharing our stories. We all long for meaningful relationships. In this age of technology we connect with many sound bites, yet we may be lonelier than ever. The art of deep conversations and sharing our stories is lost. Registration is required. This program will meet weekly throughout the year.

*Effi Brandenburg is a wife, mother of two grown children and a grandmother. She has a BA in Child Development and a MA in Adult Education. (She jokes there is no difference!)

She has worked abroad as well as in the USA with kindergarten age children through adulthood in schools, institutions, museums, houses of worship and folk camps.

Through guided games, leads, theater and personal sharing, she will guide you in a safe environment to hear or freely share. Learn more about yourself and walk in others' shoes.

Invite your teen to hear the dreams you had when you were their age, hear theirs. What are three things that annoy you—why? What is your favorite birthday memory? When have you felt strong? When was the last time you laughed yourself silly? Make new friends connecting in a fun, safe, entertaining, meaningful way sharing stories.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017
1:00pm - 3:00pm
MFP Library
Adult, Teen
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Event Organizer

Debbie Soelberg