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Bring your lunch and learn something new! Stefanie will break down website maintenance and building for business owners. For adults and registration is required.

Stefanie will qickly go over the following points:
1 - What you need to know before building (or redesigning) a website: You will learn content organization, branding and all the in’s and out’s of setting up a Content Management System or a custom website and how to go about setting up your server.  

 2- What you need to get your website off the ground and operating: You will learn how to find, pick and rate a theme for your chosen CMS, we’ll help you begin to build out your very own business website and learn the basics of customizing your content and brand.

3  - What you need to know once your website is live and how to increase your traffic and SEO rating: You will learn content consistency, how to incorporate marketing material and sales collateral, and most importantly SEO and the power of Social Media to increase your audience and grow a solid digital presence.
About the speaker:

Stefanie is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of iNNOV8 Place and is a front end developer who graduated from Codeup. She works first-hand with clients and their users to create fantastic UI/UX through interactive and responsive designs. Stefanie has taught and spoken on the subject of responsive design monthly at local venues, coding schools, and conferences across the US. She has a serious passion for user experiences and the ability to access products and information via mobile devices. She loves educating business owners on responsive design’s importance and its ability to help profit, user retention, and SEO. Also, she is an avid gamer and loves tech in general.


Wednesday, August 21, 2019
12:00pm - 1:30pm
Meeting Room C
MFP Library
Adult, STEM
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Event Organizer

Bethanie Corder