The laser system is back! Do you want to burn a design onto wood, a tote bag, or other non-toxic material? Our laser system can accent a flat or round object with a personalized engraving. Learn how the machine works, how to design in a vector image format, and how to customize the laser settings for the particular material. We have some cardboard available for testing, but please bring in materials if you can. If your design is ready by the end of class, you may be able to leave with a finished product. If not, make an appointment and continue on a project of your own.

Registration is required. Classes are geared for adult learners, teens are allowed in to the makerspace under certain conditions.*

Interested in becoming certified to use makerspace tools? Check out our rules here or ask Daniel in class how you can become certified.

*Members that are over the age of 18 have access to our Makerspace resources. Members that are 16 or 17 have access if a parent or guardian has co-signed the policy, safety, and waiver agreements. Members that are at least 12 up to 15 years of age can only become members with a co-signer and can only use the equipment in the presence of a sponsoring member.

The Makerspace room is home to lots of expensive equipment and ongoing projects. This includes a variety of dangerous and fragile components, so we do not allow children younger than 12 into the Makerspace room (or other work area) unless a case-by-case exception is made by the Library Director or program coordinator. Members over 18 may check equipment out of the room to accomplish a task in the presence of children under 12 in a different area of the library. Classes in which children younger than 12 participate will be held in a separate room or area.

This program is funded (in part) by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services and Texas State Library and Archives Commission. (2018)
Saturday, February 15, 2020
10:30am - 12:00pm
MFP Library
Adult, STEM
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Event Organizer

Daniel Bullock
Bethanie Corder